Good Solution To Work With Rest-api Like SPA With Redux?

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I'm trying to implement admin-site for commenting-system. I have REST-API with JSON. I don't want do isomorphic application. I just want feel in Single Page manner. I see there is already has some solutions:

1) Create ajax factory and send request to api methods with XmlHttpRequest, during dispatch action and handling this by hands.

2) Redux-api or redux-rest.

3) Method that used in redux real-world example.

For my job i need's stable solution. I think to choose redux-api. But i don't know which disadvantages can be in each variant.

Maybe anyone has the same problem?



There's no definitive answer to this; however I am using a variant of redux-api-middleware which allows me to keep my action creators stateless and free of side effects.

redux-api and redux-rest both look valid; if somewhat 'magic' based on the amount of configuration / convention they enforce on your app.