Git Deployment Of October CMS Site

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I set up Git deployment for most of my sites and it work really well. I have recently started to work with October, and for main pages which I create myself, I would like to work locally and then use Git to deploy new and updated pages to the live server.

It is my understanding that (apart from blog plugins for instance) October uses flat files for it's content. If I create files locally within my local install of October, can I safely Git push only the files I have worked on (html, css, js etc.) up to the site along with front matter and have them work on the remote deployment server? Will October just integrate them?



Yes, you can use git to deploy your site content and manage it via version control.

You can set your .gitignore to the following folders


And it will upload the text/theme files you add/commit.

After the git pull you might wish to do a cache refresh

php artisan cache:clear

or install the cache clear widget(or install the cache clear widget(