Getting Error Message "Class 'Foo' Not Found" When Implement Class From Adding Package(TAD-PHP), Downloaded Via Composer

I downloaded the package named "TAD-PHP" from Packagist via composer to use in my project at Laravel, but the package has no default service provider.

So, I cant to register that package and cant make the alias.

In local, everything is fine. I can use that package in every my own class.

But, when I uploaded in hosting, I've get an error massage: Class 'TADPHP\TADfactory' not found.

I really dont understand how it can. My opinion say: maybe because there is haven't default service provider from the package. Is that matter? if my opinion is right, how can I do to make the service provider for TAD PHP as manually?

I use this command to download this: composer require ahmedali5530/tad-php, and this is the site where I download the package:



I know with this error.

The only probability this error is about sensitive case. When I was developed that program, my OS is Windows, which is they are not need sesitive case anymore. But, when i was uploaded into hosting with Linux that spec, Linux needs sensitive case!.

Which is TADfactory in linux is unknown library. Because, Linux just know TADFactory library.

So, from this case, we all know that we must to be wise coder when develop a program. :)