For Shopify, I'm Conflicted Between Learning PHP Or Ruby

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I'm not sure how to phrase this question that won't get me to hate from you guys but I'm giving it a go. I'm aware of the basic syntax and logic of programming like if statement, variable, type of strings, etc (purely basic) though I'm a little more familiar with PHP.

Now I wanna learn Shopify development, though they don't have direct support for PHP but one can build Shopify apps on Laravel too (so I've heard).

I'm very conflicted between learning either PHP or Ruby because it'll be almost all the same for me and ofcourse I don't wanna learn it just for Shopify.

Anyways, your input will be appreciated.



It really makes no difference. There. I said it. Shopify is so agnostic to the tech stack you choose, it is up to you to decide what works for you.

PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript, heck even C# all work the same for making Shopify Apps. Your preference matters. If you feel comfortable with PHP, use it! There is zero obligation to use Ruby just because Shopify uses it.

In fact, Shopify is now so agnostic, their GraphQL based API for Apps eliminates all "my stack beats your stack" crap to nothing. These days, you can safely just focus on wiring it up to work, without offending anyone. Make an HTTPS call to an endpoint, get back data. Process it, act on it, show stuff off. Simple. No need to worry about how you do that. All scripting languages do it.