Flutter - How To Send Multiple Images In Formdata

I want to upload multiple images in flutter using dio and formData. What I did is I created a for loop for storing MultipartFile in an array and then I passed the array to the data of "img[]". However, I cannot upload the image if I passed the array but it works perfectly fine if I upload a single image.

Here's my code.

 var arr = new List(3);
 for (var i=0; i <_tryPath.length; i++) {
    arr[i] = await MultipartFile.fromFile(imageFile[i].path, filename: 
    imageFile[i].path.split('/').last, contentType: new MediaType('image','jpg'));

 print('this is arr = $arr');

 FormData formData = new FormData.fromMap({
    "name": "Max",
    "location": "Paris",
    "age": 21,
    "img[]": arr,

 // dio is in another class here in AuthService.
 AuthService().donateRegister(formData).then((val) async {

Can you help me uploading many images in formData? I also would like not to limit the MediaType. What will I do if I will also upload pdf/docu or jpg MediaType? I will appreciate your time and answer. Thank you!



You can use a for loop to set image lists as show below

here I'm using multi_image_picker

 Future<int> addMultiImage({MyData myData, List<Asset> files}) async {
    var formData = FormData.fromMap({
     "name": "Max",
    "location": "Paris",
    "age": 21,
    for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
      var path = await FlutterAbsolutePath.getAbsolutePath(files[i].identifier);
        MapEntry("img", await MultipartFile.fromFile(path, filename: path))

    Response response = await
      queryParameters: {
      data: formData,