Firebaserecycleradapter() In Firebaserecycleradapter Cannot Be Applied To

The same error keeps coming up. I'm guessing they changed how it works now but since I'm a noob, I really need help fixing it.

    private void loadMenu() {
        adapter = new FirebaseRecyclerAdapter<Category, MenuViewHolder>
            (Category.class, R.layout.menu_item, MenuViewHolder.class, category) {

            public MenuViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(@NonNull ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
                return null;

            protected void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull MenuViewHolder viewHolder, int position, @NonNull Category model) {
                final Category clickItem = model;
                viewHolder.setItemClickListener(new ItemClickListener() {
                    public void onClick(View view, int position, boolean isLongClick) {
                        //get Category Id and Send to new Activity
                        Intent foodlist = new Intent(Home.this, FoodList.class);

"(Category.class, R.layout.menu_item, MenuViewHolder.class, category)" This line is in red and it states that FirebaseRecyclerAdapter() in FirebaseRecyclerAdapter cannot be applied to (a bunch of code here).



The FirebaseRecyclerAdapter binds a Query to a RecyclerView. When data is added, removed, or changed these updates are automatically applied to your UI in real time.

First, configure the adapter by building FirebaseRecyclerOptions:

 FirebaseRecyclerOptions<Category> options =
                new FirebaseRecyclerOptions.Builder<Category>()
                        .setQuery(category, Category.class)

Next create the FirebaseRecyclerAdapter object. You should already have a ViewHolder subclass for displaying each item.

FirebaseRecyclerAdapter adapter = new FirebaseRecyclerAdapter<Category, MenuViewHolder>(options) {
    public ChatHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
        // Create a new instance of the ViewHolder, in this case we are using a custom
        // layout called R.layout.menu_item for each item
        View view = LayoutInflater.from(parent.getContext())
                .inflate(R.layout.menu_item, parent, false);

        return new MenuViewHolder(view);

    protected void onBindViewHolder(MenuViewHolder holder, int position, Category model) {
        // Bind the Chat object to the ChatHolder
        // ...

You can find more information here: