FirebaseInstanceID Is Not Installing Properly With Cocoapods

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I performed a pod update to my project. This project uses the following pods:

 pod 'Firebase/Core'
 pod 'Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK'
 pod 'Fabric'
 pod 'Crashlytics'

Since the update, the Pods > FirebaseInstanceID directory is not properly formatted. It's just full of .h and .m files, and a Support Files directory.

Screenshot below:

FirebaseInstanceID Not properly formatted

Before I performed the pod update, the directory was properly formatted with Frameworks > FirebaseInstanceID.framework > Headers. (FYI I deleted FirebaseCrash).

Screenshot below:

FirebaseInstanceID Properly formatted

This just happens in 1 particular project. I'm using Firebase in several other projects. None of them have this improper formatting of the FirebaseInstanceID directory when I update pods.

Why is FirebaseInstanceID directory not properly formatted after a pod update?



FirebaseInstanceID was recently open sourced and converted from a binary to a source CocoaPod. You'll notice in your installation that FirebaseCore has a similar structure of sources.

The Firebase SDKs are incrementally open sourcing over time. If you'd like to integrate binary frameworks into your app, you could try using CocoaPods Rome or Carthage.

However, to be clear, using the default CocoaPods installation as you're doing is recommended and best supported.