Firebase: Unknown Status Code: 12500 Android Oauth2

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I have a problem with Android when using Firebase Authentication, the error is:

unknown status code: 12500 android oauth2

I created the SHA1 and it is added in the firebase console but I can't solve this.

Alias: AndroidDebugKey
MD5: 62:45:B2:85:A8:58:A3:33:C7:04:F7:20:01:1E:FF:93
SHA1: 7A:14:90:0D:B3:35:61:C9:D4:99:C0:C1:8A:A7:23:90:19:E0:31:BA
SHA-256: EA:1E:B8:DB:AA:41:9D:ED:42:A7:1D:50:75:DC:3C:78:A0:BB:52:52:08:9C:C0:61:27:A9:CC:C3:42:7B:B9:19
Valid until: viernes 7 de mayo de 2049

¿What could be the problem?



you can try to fix your problem with two step .

First Step

Make sure you have provided a valid "Web Client Id" (Not Android) in the method requestServerAuthCode

check your SHA configuration. you may created a keystore and used it to generate SHA and provided it while generating google-services.json . But while debugging, application was using debug keystore.

Everything may work fine after you configure 'debug' version to use the same keystore. Where is debug.keystore in Android Studio.

Second Step

Simply update your Google Play Services to the latest version. If you are using Android virtual device , check the Google Play. Once the emulator is up and running, go to the Extended Controls Menu > Google Play then update.

Hope it helps. :)