Failed To Install .ipa File On IOS Device

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I'm trying to install .ipa release of my flutter project on a physical IOS device but as I'm not fully familiar with IOS there were some problems moving the file from mac to iphone and install it. finally I used ,but when I try to open it the following error comes up:

"This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified."

Screenshot of error

I tried going to Settings -> General -> Profiles and it says "No profiles are currently installed."

I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue or other ways of installing .ipa file on IOS devices.



Why use over-the-air installs for your own devices in the first place? If you're using an iOS device you physically have with you, installing to it is as simple as plugging it into your Mac and running the app from Xcode. Alternatively, try the flutter run command.

If you want to install to a device you can't do these steps for and must use over-the-air (for example, when installing to a cloud device, or to your friends/colleagues/clients), make sure its UDID is added at (I'm pretty sure you'll need a Paid Apple Developer account for that.), then re-build/re-sign.