Facebook FB.api Notication Stopped Working

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FB.api(/userid/notifications,'post',{access_token:{appid}|{appsecret},template:"our text"},function (response){console.log(response);});

The above is how we are using to send notification to user registered in our app. The response is success true but still the user does not get the notification. I created a demo app and tried the above code which returned success true and it did send notification, what could be the issue.

What am I doing wrong? The code was working when I checked a day or two back and nothing was changed.



I just wrote the code for you using JS .

  FB.api('/userid/notifications', 'post', {
access_token: '42424242424242|42abc42abc42abc42abc42abc42abc',
template: 'David Augustus wrote a code for you !'}, function(response) {

It's great because i would need to do that in a couple weeks anyway that in a couple weeks anyway .

I just tested it, using an App with Game category and using an App in other categories .

It worked both ways :)

But, once again, if you want all your users receiving spammy notifications, you must pass this code at your app main page, so will have that faster .

Please only use this code after reading Best pratices from Facebook at least 3 times .

On Facebook Best Pratices : "send one or two notifications to people each" ..

Change the word "day" for "month" .

If someone asks, it wasn't me who helped you :P