Facebook App Token To Be Revoked After The 30th Of April 2015?

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I work on a legacy iOS app, which uses Facebook SDK to let user login and publishes on user's behalf likes and posts on the wall. It requests email, publish_actions, user_likes permissions.

The app already has a valid app token and worked fine with Facebook SDK v3.13, pointed to Graph API v1.0.

Recently I have upgraded it to Facebook SDK v3.23 with Graph API v2.2. Facebook's upgrade guide ( says:

Once you are defaulted to Graph API v2.0, you should test all possible features to ensure full functionality. <...> If your app is fully functional after defaulting to Graph API v2.0, you need to go through Login Review before April 30th, 2015.

What happens if I refuse to go through review?

Will the older ("v1.0") / newer ("v2.2") builds of the app be still functional after 30/05/2015?

Will the users be able to log in and like/post/share?



V1.0 will be gone completely after April 2015, and all permissions that need review will stop working if they did not get approved.