F# Code In An App_Code Subfolder

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I have a project with 2 subfolders in the App_code folder, one for VB and one for F# (C# files are in the root). I can access the VB classes just fine (via the namespace) but not the F# code. Has anyone had a problem like this and if so how did you fix it?

Addendum: F# code that is not in the App_Code folder runs just fine. Is is as if the compiler and IDE do not see the F# code that is in a subfolder of the App_Code folder called FS_Code. I have added the codeSubDirectories element

<add directoryName="VB_Code"/>
    <add directoryName="FS_Code"/>

The VB code in the VB_Code subfolder compiles just fine.



It's been a while since I asked this question but I think it ended up being a problem with the F# compiler not being in $PATH (I had it installed in a non standard location).