Export More Than One Variable In ES6?

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I'm trying to export more than one variable in ES6:


var TestObject = Parse.Object.extend('TestObject')
var Post = Parse.Object.extend('Post')

export default TestObject
export Post


import TestObject from '../store'
import Post from '../store'

var testObject = new TestObject() // use Post in the same way => {
  console.log('yay! it worked', object)

I understand that there's only one default value so I only used default in the first item.

However, I get this error message:

Module build failed: SyntaxError: /home/alex/node/my-project/src/store/index.js: Unexpected token (9:7)
   7 | 
   8 | export default TestObject
>  9 | export Post

Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way?



That is not valid syntax. You can do

export { Post }

or even just

export var Post = Parse.Object.extend('Post')

or shorten the whole file to

export default Parse.Object.extend('TestObject')
export var Post = Parse.Object.extend('Post')

Your imports are also incorrect, you'll want to do

import TestObject, { Post } from '../store'

This is if you really want a single default export and a separate named export. You can also just make two named exports and have no default if you want, e.g.

export var TestObject = Parse.Object.extend('TestObject');
export var Post = Parse.Object.extend('Post');


var TestObject = Parse.Object.extend('TestObject');
var Post = Parse.Object.extend('Post');
export { TestObject, Post };

and import with

import { TestObject, Post } from '../store'