Error: Request For Member 'time_c' In Something Not A Structure Or Union In C Language

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I have a problem with some of my functions. I want to get a member ob a struct, out of another struct. The normal call is functionel, but embedded in a function, it doesn't work. Is there any idea why and how I can solve that?

The following function is an example. It should get the time out of a struct, embedded in another struct via the time-converting function "FUN_1"

FUN_1((time_t *)&ptr_to_s_20b_parse_entries->s_28b_meta->time_c);

My structs are:

struct s_28b_meta {
    int version;
    __time32_t time_c;
    __time32_t time_m;
    uint32_t i_next;
    int hash_value;
    int len_database_name;
    int *ptr_database_name;

struct s_20b_parse_entries {
    int *s_28b_meta;
    int *s_8b_keys;
    int **a_db_entries;
    size_t n_db_entries;
    int i_next;

The decleration:

struct s_28b_meta *ptr_temp;
struct s_20b_parse_entries *ptr_to_s_20b_parse_entries;


In struct s_20b_parse_entries, you have the s_28b_meta field defined as int *. This is not a pointer to struct so you can't use the -> operator on it, which is why you're getting the error.

It should be defined as a struct s_28b_meta *.