Error: Can't Set Headers After They Are Sent Because Of Res.?

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I'm trying to set up a method that is called with Shopify's webhook. I get the data and I'm able to store with a fresh server but I get "Error: Can't set headers after they are sent" returned in the console. I believe this is because I'm calling res twice. Any ideas on how to structure this better?

This is my method:

function createProductsWebHook(req,res,next) {
//    res.status(200).send('Got it')
//     return next()
// }
const productResponse = req.body
const product ={
    body_html: req.body.body_html,
    title: req.body.title,
    .then(saveProduct => res.json(saveProduct))
    .catch((e)=> {


This occurs because the middleware, createProductsWebHook(), is called first when a request is received, which then sends a 200 status code response, res.sendStatus(200). Then in, in the same middleware function, is called. save()’s callback function attempts to send a response too – after one has already been sent by the very same middleware – using res.json(saveProduct).

Key Takeaway

Middleware should not send the response; this defeats the purpose of middleware. Middleware's job is to decorate (add or remove information, i.e, headers, renew some auth session asynchronously, perform side effects, and other tasks) from a request or response and pass it along, like a chain of responsibility, not transmit it – that's what your route handler is for (the one you registered your HTTP path and method with, e.g.,, some_middleware, route_handler).