Error: ADB Exited With Exit Code 1 Performing Streamed Install With Flutter And Mac Big Sur With M1

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I am getting the following error every time I try to run my app on a real device. Other people can run the same project using the same phone in another computer, so I think the problem is my computer.


I tried to update the Android Studio and it worked, but then in the next day the same problem started again... So strange!

Here is my Flutter doctor:

Flutter doctor -v:
flutter doctor -v

I also have this log:

adb: failed to install /Users/matheus/flutter/becare/develop2/becare_app/build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/app.apk: [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":28,"type":"event","event":"dart.log","body":{"message":"Error launching application on Mi 9 SE.\n","severity":2,"category":8}} [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":29,"type":"event","event":"output","body":{"category":"stderr","output":"Error launching application on Mi 9 SE.\n"}} [2:48:10 PM] [FlutterRun] [Error] [Flutter] Error launching application on Mi 9 SE. [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":30,"type":"event","event":"dart.log","body":{"message":"<== [{"event":"app.stop","params":{"appId":"3e89b0c8-b784-4d8e-9f3e-bc3eceed14cb"}}]\r\n","severity":0,"category":8}} [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":31,"type":"event","event":"dart.log","body":{"message":"Process terminated! null, SIGTERM","severity":0,"category":8}} [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":32,"type":"event","event":"dart.log","body":{"message":"Process exited (sigterm)","severity":0,"category":10}} [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":33,"type":"event","event":"output","body":{"category":"console","output":"Exited (sigterm)\n"}} [2:48:10 PM] [FlutterRun] [Info] [Flutter] <== [{"event":"app.stop","params":{"appId":"3e89b0c8-b784-4d8e-9f3e-bc3eceed14cb"}}] [2:48:10 PM] [FlutterRun] [Info] [Flutter] Process terminated! null, SIGTERM [2:48:10 PM] [DAP] [Info] ==> {"seq":34,"type":"event","event":"terminated"



Solution: I installed a software called XDisplay and it looks like its installation was giving some conflict. After uninstalling it, it solved the problem.