Email Notifications When Issues Are Opened In GitHub

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I am managing a repo and I am the release manager. I wish to receive an email whenever someone has opened an issue ticket in GitHub.

I looked at the webhooks and services. I found the following:

I tried the above and found that the email is triggered only when I make any changes/updates to the repository.

But when I open a ticket, it does not trigger any email.

Does anyone have any neat way to trigger email notifications when issues are opened?



Browse to{{your org/user}}/{{repository}}/settings/hooks/new and you'll see that you can add a webhook to get notified when an Issue is created.

EDIT: I forgot to mention one very important thing. You need to create a public web application that handles these requests! I.e., you need to add a webhook to this app. The code that handles this request can then do whatever you like, e.g. send an email.

Screenshot from GitHub:

Add webhook

More info here: