ElasticSearch Search On Many Types

I'm using Rails with the Tire gem (for ElasticSearch) and I need to search across multiple models. Something like:

# title is a field in all models :tasks, :projects, :posts, { :title => "word" } 

I know I can search models one by one and then handle these results, but that should be unecessary considering ElasticSearch(Lucene) is document oriented.

Any thoughts?




One possibility is to see them not as distinct models. A compound model could be that every document can be an item belonging to one or many differnt submodels identified by a string constant which can be multivalued.

If you want to retrieve only results from one of those submodels you could add a fixed part to the query which identifies the set of documents belonging to this submodel.

The only caveeat is that you need to have a primary key which is unique(which is not that bad because you can use something like an implicit document key).