Dynamic Url Segment Name In Laravel 5.1

In fact i'm looking for way to fetch url segment and replace it to another string name for example /setting show it in my view الضبط in Arabic

After research i found substr_replace or str_ireplacecan achieve that as the following:

  $seg2 = request()->segment(2);

 ($seg2 == 'setting') ? $seg2 = str_ireplace($seg2,'الضبط',$seg2) : $seg2 = str_ireplace($seg2,'another_segment_name', $seg2);

I see this approach is very bad if i have many of different routes can to be in $seg2 place .

If there any other way can achieve that please help me ,Thanks



Thanks @The Alpha for your help in fact i have been achieved my needs now but i did some changes to achieve it i will show it for help any somebody else needs to do that

at first i created segments.php file in resources/lang/ar and change local language to ar in config/app.php

and in segments.php


// Segments Array for navigation paths on view  

return [
  'users' => 'المستخدمين',  //maybe to be seg2
  'settings' => 'الضبط',   //also maybe to be seg2

and in my view

<!-- Simple condition to check if user on segment 2 or not and fetch the proper segment name according to incoming segment in url -->
            {{(request()->segment(2) != '') ? trans('segments.'.request()->segment(2)) : '' }}