Dynamic Meta Description Apostrophe Is Replaced By ' ASCII Value

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In my meta-description (which is dynamic), the apostrophe is replaced by ' when I do CTRL + U / View source, and in Google Search.

<meta name="Description" content="Discover Sonam Kapoor&#x27;s look in Dolly Ki Doli, Dolly/Madhuri/Priya/Bhagyashree,Red Net Kameez with Patiala,Red Art Silk Patiala Suit,RITIKA SACHDEVA Gold finish"

It should be "sonam kapoor's" but I have "Sonam Kapoor&#x27;s". How to fix this?

I am using node.js, html, mongodb.

I did console.log in index.js and checked it is printing "Sonam Kapoor's" correctly so fetching from database correctly but in web page view source code it is coming "Sonam Kapoor &#x27;s" ASCII value.



Hi finally i solved it using following code

    Handlebars.registerHelper('asciim', function(text) {
  text = Handlebars.Utils.escapeExpression(text);
  return new Handlebars.SafeString(result);

Thanks everybody