Do search engines see clickable divs as links

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I am developing a new website, and I would like to use clickable divs instead of normal links:

Here is the code I use:

 <div class="css-class" onclick="location.href=''" title="Some text">
Some clickable content

Will Google and other search engines see the clickable divs as well as they see the normal links? In other words, will they be cabable of crawling the page?




According to this page:

Since 2009 Google looks for and finds OnClick links in any and all HTML tags. When found they will add the URL to their crawl.

If there is sensible "anchor" text then the text of the element will be used as anchor text.

The OnClick link also passes PageRank.

It then goes on to mention that other search engines aren't yet doing it. (it was written in Oct 2014)