Do I Have To Use InfoPath Forms For Every Task Within A SharePoint Workflow?

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Is it possible to use InfoPath forms within a SharePoint workflow for all but one of the workflow tasks? Our customer wants a particular task to use the default sharepoint page for editing that list item but disabling the form I was using for that task just makes the workflow default to the Task0_FormURN defined inside workflow.xml. If I make sure this definition is empty or non exsisting then I just get an error. It seems to me that if you want to use InfoPath forms then you need to go all out for every task.



You are right. You cannot mix Infopath task forms and custom pages in one workflow.

You can try to create a task within workflow with custom code.

var newTask = list.Items.Add(someUrl, SPFileSystemObjectType.File, someTitle);
newTask["AssignedTo"] = new SPFieldUserValueCollection(new SPFieldUserValue(web, id, name));
newTask["StartDate"] = DateTime.Now;
newTask["Body"] = "task body";

And in this case your workflow will not be "watching" for task changes. I assume you would watch for workflow item changes with a OnWorkflowItemChanged activity.

hope this helps