Django With Ngrok On Shopify

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I'm trying to get json data about orders from Shopify. The 'manage private apps' options seem to have changed in the last year or so and the last tut I can find for integrating with django seems out of date.

The Shopify private app tut for Ruby uses ngrok to establish a tunneling protocol and connect the local environment with the webhook, but I'm not sure how to use the ngrok proxy url in Django?

ngrok is running fine and I have the url pointed at port 8000

I need to somehow pass a url in the format https://apikey:[email protected]/admin/resource.json to the ngrok proxy. How would I do that with Django?



Typically you would use ngrok for

  • receiving webhooks from shopify as shopify will push webhooks to HTTPS enabled endpoints only.
  • Developing public app

if you want to call any shopify API, you don't need ngrok tunnel.

https://apikey:[email protected]/admin/resource.json format is for private apps

Just make a request to https://apikey:[email protected]/admin/orders.json using your python script to get orders from shopify.