Delete Notification Channel Without Id

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My app has a bug where it sends different push notification and up until now every notification got its own channel ID, so the user has got for every new notification a new channel which he can then enable/disable by toggle. This bug is now fixed but I want to delete the old unnecassary channels programmatically and I found the way do it like this:

// The id of the channel.
val notificationManager = getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE) as NotificationManager
val id: String = "my_channel_01"

But since every channel got created by a random generated ID and this ID has been discarded I can't delete the channel by his ID.

Is there a way to list all channel IDs a user got or any other way how I can delete old channels without knowing the ID



obtain full list of all already created channels by calling getNotificationChannels()

iterate through this list and call deleteNotificationChannel(id) for unnecessary/unknown channels (NotificationChannel have getId() method)