Debubbing 3x Pageviews In Google Analytics

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There seems to be something causing 3x the pageviews that are supposed to happen, Seems there is one universal analytics code sending page view and a global tag page view + other analytics code, thing is, there is no way to find said code inside the Wordpress to remove them. How would you search for this if it were you?

Here is the website (hid the url for privacy of the person, after the question was solved)



You need to look into your header.php to edit anything inside in Wordpress. This file is in Appearance -> Editor option. If you are new, I recommend you to back up your site first.

Also look into plugins that add headers and footers.

EDIT 1 - found one file in your root folder by the name of google_analytics_auto.js - this has old ga.js

EDIT 2 - second one is inside a plugin implementation named 'Above the fold optimization'. Link to the plugin this contains analytics.js