DDEV-Local 403 Forbidden On Provided URL With Ddev Start Or Ddev Launch (docroot Wrong)

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I'm not experienced with ddev docker, i have installed a client website on my local windows computer. I have installed docker installed ddev i have copied the client config.yaml on the root folder/ of my website. i have imported also the db. my ddev start on my cli console:

ddev start
Creating ddev-router ... done

Project type has no settings paths configured, so not creating settings file.
Restarted client-website-name

Your project can be reached at

but this link give an "403 Forbidden" error. new update: my typo3 src and typo3conf folders are under a subfolder named "public". So when i type it guide me throught a new install "The Installation Wizard".

I'm new to ddev so i read the documentation but i didn't find where i can see this url->(1) installed ? How i cna change and manipulate this so i get my website running.

I'm using Win 10.

All docker containers web, db,.. seems running fine.



The most common reason for a 403 in ddev is that there is no index.php (or index.html) in the configured docroot.

  1. Figure out where your docroot is (where the index.php is). On a composer-installed TYPO3, this is most likely the "public" directory.
  2. In the project's .ddev/config.yaml, set docroot correctly, probably docroot: public
  3. ddev restart