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I have a dataframe with many variables and I'd like to change their names using a function. The column names have the following form


So I want to remove "Department_" and "_Converted_Sum". I managed to to it just by looping through the column names like this which works fine.

for (i in seq(1,length(colnames(mydf)))){
    colnames(mydf)[i] = str_sub(colnames(mydf)[i], 11, str_length(colnames(mydf)[i])-14)

But what bothers me is that once I place this inside of a function and then use the function on mydf, the dataframe has no changed column names.

rename_columns <- function(df){
   for (i in seq(1,length(colnames(df)))){
      colnames(df)[i] = str_sub(colnames(df)[i], 11, str_length(colnames(df)[i])-14)


I also tried to add a return(df) but it did not help. Does any one know why the function can't mutate the column names?



If all you want to do is want to remove "Department_" and "_Converted_Sum" you can avoid the looping by using str_remove_all() from the stringr package.

names(df) <- stringr::str_remove_all(names(df), "Department_|_Converted_Sum")