D3.js: Tooltip And Attribute Change On Mouseover

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I've integrated tooltips by Caged in my d3 visualization (Fiddle). They are called simply with

.on("mouseout", tip.hide)

Now I've found I can't add other mouseover functionalities such as changing the size and colour of the object I'm pointing the mouse at. Either the tooltips or the attribute changes are shown when I try something like this:

on("mouseover", function(d){;"r", 10).style("fill", "orange");
.on("mouseout", function(d){
 tip.hide;"r", 6).style("fill", "red");

How can I show both?



You need to call the tooltip functions:

.on("mouseover", function(d){;"r", 10).style("fill", "orange");
}).on("mouseout", function(d){
  tip.hide(d);"r", 6).style("fill", "red");
}) and tip.hide are functions and adding parentheses after the name means that you're calling them. This isn't necessary when not using an anonymous function (i.e. function() { ... }) because D3 knows that a function is being passed and should be called (i.e. evaluated) at runtime. In short, D3 calls the function passed as an argument automatically.