Customizing Search Results Display In Sharepoint Services 3.0 Wiki

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I'm looking at using a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 wiki as a metadata repository. We basically want a community-driven dictionary and for various reasons we're using Sharepoint instead of say MediaWiki.

What can I do to customize or completely replace searchresults.aspx?

Features I'd add if I knew how:

  1. Automatically load the #1 hit if it is a 100% match to the search term
  2. Show the first few lines of each result as a preview so users don't have to click through to bad results
  3. Add a "Page doesn't exist, click here to create it" link in cases where there's not a 100% match

I've got Sharepoint Designer installed and it looks like I'll be able to use it to upload any custom .aspx files I create but I don't see that it will give me access to searchresults.aspx.

Note: Since I plan to access this search tool from an external site via URL parameters it should be fine to leave the existing searchresults.aspx unchanged and just load this solution as a complementary search option.



Yes, everything is possible but you will need to customize it a little bit.

I would recommend you to build a custom web part to display your results. Here is a nice article to start with: