Custom Confirm Button With Promise Jquery

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i'm trying to create a custom confirm pop up in jquery, i made a function that shows the custom alert when requested with inside a text and two buttons: ok, cancel.:

function showprompt(content){

The problem is that how i can wait until the button clicked and get back the result, if ok so return true? i was thinking that i need to use promise and defer. How i can do?

I don't like to use precreated confirm buttons with plugins JQuery UI - Dialog



A promise is a great idea for this type of functionality (they're not only for async!). Let's say you have two buttons inside of #confirm are called #ok and #cancel.

This is how it would look:

function showprompt(content) {
   var dfd = $.Deferred();


     //turn off any events that were bound to the buttons last 
     //time you called showprompt()

      //resolve the deferred
     .on('click.prompt','#ok',function() { dfd.resolve(); }) 

      //reject the deferred
     .on('click.prompt','#cancel',function() { dfd.reject(); });

   //return a the deferred's promise
   return dfd.promise();

Then you'd use it like this:

   function() { alert('You clicked ok'); }, //promise resolved
   function() { alert('You clicked cancel'); }, //promise rejected