Current Standard Compliance Level Of IronPython & IronRuby

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Does anyone have some numbers on this? I am just looking for a percentage, a summary will be better.

Standards compliance: How does the implementation stack up to the standard language specification?

For those still unclear: I place emphasis on current. The IronPython link provided below has info that was last edited more than 2 years back.



The following sites usually have updates as to how their 'compliance' is progressing:

IronPython -

IronRuby -

In fact from the IronRuby site -

"We showed IronRuby dispatching some static and dynamic Rails requests at RailsConf this year. We are running the RubySpecs to measure our conformity with Ruby and we're passing the core specs at a 71% rate (12026 / 16793 expectations for RubySpec core)."