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I am seeking help with trying to fix my background image fill issue. I wanted to have a sticky footer, which I finally figured out, but now if I view my site in a smaller window and then scroll down, my background image disappears. I understand that this is due to my height settings being 100% which makes my image be based off of the initial viewport size, but I can't quite seem to implement any kind of fix.

Here is the site I am working on (still very much under development):

The problem is best viewed when looking at this page in a small window:

I have read many, many posts on various sites trying to figure it out (including this one: CSS: background image does not fill when scrolling), but I am not having any luck. I tried setting all the different properties for background in css that I could think of, including some of the newer ones. Then I experimented with the overflow property, but it just hides all of my text or creates a weird scroll-bar that makes my text scroll up over the header. I also tried moving my page background from body to html and my container background from container to body, but it didn't change anything, so I must be doing something wrong (perhaps the fact that I have the two background images to deal with?).

I'm just a coding newbie and have been teaching myself as I go along, so I would really appreciate specific suggestions on what method of fixing this would be best for my site, and how I can go about implementing it. After spending about 10 hours straight on this one problem, I am at my wits' end.

Thank you so much!



just change min-height:100% to min-height:1092px (the height of the image) and you'll be fine...


previous answer was a bit too quick, after having a second look on the code i noticed the error is caused by the floated columns: if you float an element, the container element will not inherit the height of the floated element - that's why the height was set to 100% of the initial window, and was not expanded if the content column got longer. This can be fixed by adding an extra element in #container, after #rightcolumn, with clear:both on it - this will force the parent element to take over the height of its contents.

See for a simplified example, including improved fixed footer.

Hope it helps...