Convert Or Translate A Big RDF/XML File To JSON-LD Format - HOW?

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I need to convert this 40MB file of RDF/XML to the JSON-LD format and I've only found this web tool, that doesn't work at all. When you paste 40MB of text, it crashes, and when you give it the URL of the file, it says that the service isn't available.

In theory the Jena API, or maybe Sesame should be able to do this, but I'm missing a starting point and the knowledge about these systems. Can someone give me a route, an example or a link to useful documentation for translating a big RDF/XML into JSON-LD?

(I'd be happy with Java, C# or a working solution where I don't need too much programming knowledge in another language / framework).



I did it using this tool:

Sadly, upload- / download sizes were too big, so I got the code from here and ran it on a local Google App Engine from here on port 8999. Then I went to the directory with the owl file 'ds.owl' and used the following command to get it into the ds.json file:

curl --data-urlencode [email protected]_514en.owl http://localhost:8999/convert/detect/json-ld/content > ds.json

This was the only thing that worked, and I tried it with about 4 bigger ontology files.