Colorize Logs In Eclipse Console

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Is there a way to colorize parts of logs in the eclipse console. I know I could send to error and standard streams and color them differently but I'm more looking someting in the lines of ANSI escape codes (or anyother, HTML ?) where I could embed the colors in the string to have it colored in the logs.

It sure would help making the important bits stand out without resorting to weird layout, rather keep the layout to the log4j setups

here is an example of what I am looking for :

[INFO ] The grid is complete ....... false

where the bold parts would be in blue, this coloring can be controlled by the application to an extent. like so (tags are conceptual and arbitrary, but you get the idea):"The grid is complete ....... <blue>%s</blue>", isComplete ));

On a more general note it is the ability to embed meta information in the logs to help the presentation of these logs. Much like we tag web pages content to help the presentation of the information by CSS.



Have a try with this Eclipse Plugin: Grep Console

As pointed out by commenters: When installing Grep Console in the currently last version of Eclipse, you need to uncheck 'Group items by category' in the Install dialog to see the available items.
As pointed out by @Line the plugin can now be easily installed via the Eclipse Marketplace again without changing any options.

[Update 2]:
As pointed out by @azdev, to get proper highlighting:

Entering just literal strings doesn't work. To get a line to be colored, you have to enclose the string in .* on either side, like so: .*ERROR.*