Clone OctoberCMS Application

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I'm currently developing an OctoberCMS website on VirtualBox using ScotchBox.

I've bought a new machine and I want to transfer my work there. I'm trying to find a way to completely/identically clone my VMbox to that PC, but to no avail, I'm still stuck with that.

Now, I'm thinking to just clone my current OctoberCMS development environment. Is there a way to clone/duplicate my OctoberCMS app to another ScotchBox? Because, I do not want to re-setup everything from the start all over again. I've already done a few things and it will be a waste of time to copy and paste them again.

What I want to happen is to clone my current OctoberCMS to another PC as if I was just working on my old PC, is it possible?

What I'm thinking is of course, I need to dump my database, and I'm thinking of zipping my OctoberCMS directory. But I do think that there's an official/recommended way of doing it?

By the way, my Box is using folder sync, so my actual OctoberCMS files are located on my host machine.

Thank you for your answers!



Just do it,

its just fine everything is working on relative urls and relative path so you don't need to worry about it,

its pages are almost flat files so they will come with copy paste :) so no issue there.

even during setup process it just copy zip files from server and paste on local and unzip it.

  1. so just take backup/dump database and setup in new machine.
  2. zip your entire October cms and unzip it to new machine.
  3. then edit config/database.php for correct user-name and password

then you are done :)

I do same for most of the time and its working just fine trust me.

if you find any other difficulties just write comment.