Click Elements By Classes With Specific Text In CasperJS

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I'm trying for 2 hours now to find a selector to choose form a list in the facebook share dialog : facebook share dialog

(i don't use thier api for the restricted access to some features )

var casper = require('casper').create({

    pageSettings: {
        loadImages:  false,        // The WebPage instance used by Casper will
        loadPlugins: false,        // use these settings
        userAgent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0'
    logLevel: "info",              // Only "info" level messages will be logged
    verbose: true

var fs = require('fs');
var dyn = null;
casper.start('', function() {
    // search for 'casperjs' from google form
   console.log("page loaded");

   this.test.assertExists('form#login_form', 'form is found');

   this.fill('form#login_form', { 
        email: 'email', 
        pass:  'pass'
    }, true);

    this.wait(1000, function() {
        console.log("screen captured");
    casper.thenOpen('', function() {

    console.log("debug loaded");

    this.wait(1000, function() {
        console.log("screen captured");

    if (this.exists('span._55pe')) {
        this.echo('span._55pe exists');'span._55pe');
        this.echo('\n\nspan._55pe clicked\n\n');

    this.wait(5000, function() {
    if (this.exists('li[class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem"] > a._54nc')) {
        this.echo('li[class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem"] > a._54nc exists');

        this.echo('\n\n li[class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem"] > a._54nc clicked\n\n');


    this.wait(10000, function() {

        fs.write('2.htm', this.getPageContent(), 'w');

        console.log("screen captured");

the first click works perfectly here is a screenshot :


but the second click wont :'li._54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem');

results in the same selector for all the list so it's useless

this is the HTML:

<li class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem" role="presentation">
    <a class="_54nc" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="#" role="menuitem">
        <span data-reactroot=""><span class="_54nh"><span>Share in a group</span>

Is there any chance I can get the selectors by text? "Share in a group"

And is it possible to simulate the down arrow key in this case?



The classes are all written one after the with the class selector:'li._54ni._42ym._2n3i.__MenuItem');

You can also use an attribute selector to match an element with a specific attribute string (works for any attribute and not just class):'li[class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem"]');

You can even mix those:'li.__MenuItem[class^="_54ni _42ym"]');

Finally, you probably want to click the link in a list item:'li[class="_54ni _42ym _2n3i __MenuItem"] > a._54nc');