Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Session' Not Found In Laravel 5.2

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I am using sessions in Laravel 5.2 . There is my Controller code:

if (Session::has('panier'))
     $panier = Session::get('panier');  

I try just to get a value from the session, and I got this error:

FatalErrorException in ProduitsController.php line 106: Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Session' not found

How can I resolve it?



From the error message:

Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Session' not found

I see that Laravel is searching the Session class in the current namespace: App\Http\Controllers

The problem is you don't have aliased the class from the global namespace: Session is a Facade, and all the facades are in the global namespace

To use the class from the global namespace, put:

use Session;

on top of your controller, after your namespace declaration

Alternatively, you can call the class from the global namespace with: