Check Contains Of An Alert Using JQuery, Then Run Function Based On Contents

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I have a webform that has several required field. When I submit the form, my CMS automatically includes some JS Validation to check. Their validation looks something like this:

function checkWholeForm88517(theForm) {
   var why = "";
   if (theForm.CAT_Custom_1) why += isEmpty(theForm.CAT_Custom_1.value, "First Name");
   if (theForm.CAT_Custom_2) why += isEmpty(theForm.CAT_Custom_2.value, "Last Name");
   if (theForm.CAT_Custom_3) why += isEmpty(theForm.CAT_Custom_3.value, "Email Address");

   if (why != "") {
      return false;

When an alert pops up it will contain text like so:

- Please enter First Name
- Please enter Last Name
- Please enter Email Address

What I would like to do is run an if statement to see if the alert contains - Please enter First Name and if so, do something.

I tried doing this:

window.alert = function(msg) {

   if ($(this).is(':contains("- Please enter First Name")')) {
       $( ".error-msg" ).append('My Message...');


Of course, this isn't working as I'm not exactly sure how to target the msg of the alert and check to see if it contains the text.

How would I do this?



You need to treat the argument as a string and not the context object (window) as a DOM object.

if (msg.indexOf("some_substring") > 1)