Can't Feed To Database Table Via Eloquent

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i am new to laravel.I have a project table in my database and i created a eloquent model using php artisan make:model project;

it created the following codes in project.php page

namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class project extends Model

when i attempt to feed data in my projects table laravel is giving me the error like

Route::get('/', function () 
        $project = new project;  
    $project->name = 'Leonardo Da Vinci';

    return View::make('welcome');

class project not found



Note that your project model has a namespace. Either you import your model class on top of your routes.php:

use App\project

or use the full qualified name directly in code:

$project = new App\project;

I recommend to use upper camel case syntax for your class name like the whole framework do App\Project