Cannot Get Tracking ID For Mobile Project

I should get the Tracking Id from Google Analytics to use it in my project, but none of the support pages can really cover my problem.

  1. First of all i cannot see the Tracking information menu on my dashboard under the Property column - as some setup guide mention it - , I only see the property settings, which from i can navigate to the Firebase console, and the user settings

  2. After this I find another support page to get the Tracking Id from the Firebase console ( , but this also confuses me. It says "Under the Data Sharing Settings section, select the settings you want, and click the Get Tracking ID "

In the firebase console settings board I find a Data privacy menu with az Analytics settings submenu, but still no Tracking ID option.

As I know I need this ID to integrate the Analytics, or is there any workaround for this?



I found a workaround

Open the page, on the top of the page there is a drop-down.

If you click on that dropdown you can see your Analytics accounts in the first column.

The number under your account name is actually your Tracking base-ID.

If you have one project for that account, then your Tracking ID could be UA-123456789-1

One more example

  1. Delete your project (place it to the bin)
  2. Restore it
  3. Check the e-mails you got, there you will find the property which you deleted, and beside the project name there is the Tracking ID