Call Super Throws "super Is Not An Expression"

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I took up for learning implementing MVVM from Google Guide here: (posted link especially to page I'm interested in).
Since I understood implementing it in Java, I decided to switch to Kotlin. While initializing constructor in class extending AndroidViewModel I need to call super and it throws me following error:

"super' is not an expression it can only be used on the left-hand side of a dot ('.')"

As I googled and found similar topic but I haven't understood it at all so I didn't solve my problem. This my code for ViewModel class:

 class NotesViewModel private constructor(application: Application) : AndroidViewModel(application){

    var mRepository: NotesRepository? = null
    var mAllNotes: LiveData<List<Notes>>? = null

    init {
        super(application) // <-- here it throws me an error
        mRepository = NotesRepository(application)
        mAllNotes = mRepository!!.getAllWords()

    fun getAllNotes(): LiveData<List<Notes>>{
        return mAllNotes!!

    fun insert(notes: Notes){


So, how should I properly call super, construct a constructor? This is proper java code for this class:

public class WordViewModel extends AndroidViewModel {

  private WordRepository mRepository;
    private LiveData<List<Word>> mAllWords;

    public WordViewModel(Application application) {
        mRepository = new WordRepository(application);
        mAllWords = mRepository.getAllWords();

    LiveData<List<Word>> getAllWords() {
        return mAllWords;

    void insert(Word word) {


You already call super here : NotesViewModel private constructor(application: Application) : AndroidViewModel(application)

Another problem is that your constructor is private

Simply make it public and remove super call from init()