Bitwise And Condition In A Laravel Relation (Eloquent ORM)

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I am trying to create a specialized relation on a user (Model) to the group model. In the schema I am working with, the groups have a type attribute that is a bitmask, where each bit defines a certain characteristic for a group.

For example, we might have a group:

name: New York
type: 33554436 (1<<25 | 1<<24)

With plain SQL, I can get the groups of interest in with the query:

select g.* from foobar_group g  where (type & 1<<25) != 0

I wish to define this relation in the user model for convenience and what have is:


class UserModel extends Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model

    public function visitedCities()
        return $this->belongsToMany(
          ->with([ 'type' => function ($belongsToMany) {
              $belongsToMany->where('type', '&', 

In essence, I am trying to add the where condition from the SQL query above to the join statement (relation). Do you know how to do that? Do I need to extend the Eloquent\Relation class?



You can use whereRawto execute raw where clauses.

Eloquent doesn't support more fancy where clauses than like or = and the standard stuff. I suggest you take a look at the documentation

I your case you probably want to use the something like:

$belongsToMany->whereRaw('(type & 1<<25) != 0')

and add it to your select clause.

If you want to debug your SQL you can use:

//Execute Eloquent select

That way you can also see that if you put anything like bitmasks into the middlepart of the where clause it gets replaced with =