Best Way To Do Front-end Public And Restricted Area With October CMS?

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I have to create a website with limited public access pages.

All pages have a header section with a signin / signup link and when the user is already logged in, a logout link. To do this, I must place the rainlab user plugin session component in my layout with security=all (to prevent the ajax onLogout administrator error from being detected)

But by doing this, I can no longer use this layout for restricted access pages.

So, what is the right way to do it?

I thought of using 2 layout, one to public access with security = all and one to restricted access with security=user, but I'm not really satisfied to have to use 2 layout for a difference so minimal

any smarter solution ? thanks by advance



You can use the same layout for both restricted and public pages. Add the [session] component reference to the layout but don't set properties on it in the layout itself. Set the 'security' property on a per page (and not on the layout itself) basis.

So the top of your layout would look something like:

name="Master Layout"
description = "Master layout for almost all frontend pages."


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

And the top of your pages would look like:

title = "Restricted Page"
url = "/classified"
layout = "master"

security = "user"
redirect = "account"

<div class="container">

I use it all the time without a problem.