Best Way To Build Convert A Shopify Store To WordPress

I have a website through shopify, hosting through Shopify, and want it rebuilt in WordPress.

What would be the best way to do this while keeping the original website live until the new website is done? The new website may take a while to be created since the database of products needs a lot of modification.

I was thinking about creating a new hosting account and building it there without connecting it to the domain name, and when it is ready I'll connect it. Does this make sense or is it even possible? Or should I build I'd offline and upload it when it's ready? I'm not quite sure how I would build it offline though...

Thanks in advance!



Like the others said, you can build it offline on your computer using a program like XAMPP to create an offline server, however I prefer to build the new website online on a sub domain of your current domain, and switch it over once the website is done.

For example, if your website is you can create a sub domain and build it there. You will most likely have to use a search and replace plugin to replace all instances of "" with "".

As for transferring all your products etc. you can export all your products from Shopify as a CSV file and then re-import it into WooCommerce using a plugin called WP All Import along with the WooCommerce add-on.

Good luck!