Best Practice For Submitting A Website To Google Search Engine

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I am about to manually submit a website url to the google search console to be indexed. I will like to know if there will be a major difference between adding the www along with my url ( as apposed to just submitting the domain name (

I have read the google guidelines and watched a few of their search-console videos but they didn't mention anything about the importance of the www.

Do i gain or loose anything from including or excluding the www from my URL when submitting it to the google search console for indexing?

Can anyone help me on this issue?
Your help is much appreciated.
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There is no difference in submitting www vs non-www version. The only thing you should be care about is that only one version is actual. You should choose the domain name for your website and put a 301 Moved Permanently redirect at other name.

It is very important to have only one copy of your content. Duplicated content is penalized by Google and if you have your website open at and then this instantly creates duplicated content of all pages of your website.

The second thing you should do before submitting your website is to create a sitemap. From my experience when a site has a sitemap google index it much faster.

You should also review all titles, meta descriptions and other SEO issues. I would recommend to check your whole website for SEO issues with some SEO crawler. Try screaming frog if you want to test from your local computer or use online service like to check online. You can even set up SEO monitoring there.