Await Messages, Get A Channel By The Given ID

So i want that my poll command asks for the channel and the question in a conversation, but i haven't figured out how to get the channel when the user only gives the ID, i have figured out that i have to use .content but i still don't know how to implement it.

My code:

run: async(message, client, args) => {

  // Channel where the poll should take palce
  await`Please provide a channel where the poll should take place or cancel this command with "cancel"!`)
  const response1 = await => ===, {max: 1});
  const channel = response1.first().mentions.channels.first() || response1.content.guild.channels.cache.get()

  if (!channel) {
    return`You did not mention or provide the ID of a channel where the poll should take place!`)

  // Channel where the poll should take palce
  await`Please provide a question for the poll!`)
  const response2 = await => ===, {max: 1});
  let question = response2.first();

  if (!question) {
    return`You did not specify your question!`)

  const Embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
    .setTitle(`New poll!`)
    .setFooter(`${} created this poll.`)
  let msg = await client.channels.cache.get(
  await msg.react("👍")
  await msg.react("👎")

And it is this line: response1.content.guild.channels.cache.get() that is writte wrong by me but idk what i have to change/where to add the .content so that it works.

Would be nice if someone can help me.

My message event for the args:

module.exports = async (client, message) => {
    if (!message.content.startsWith(prefix) || return;
    if (!message.guild) return;
    if (!message.member) message.member = await message.guild.fetchMember(message);
    const args = message.content.slice(prefix.length).split(/ +/g);
    const cmd = args.shift().toLowerCase();
    if (cmd.length == 0) return;
    let command = client.commands.get(cmd)
    if (!command) command = client.commands.get(client.aliases.get(cmd));
    if (command) {
        try {
  , client, args)
        } catch (error) {
            message.reply('There was an error trying to execute that command!');


So i went around it with making another constructor means:

const ID = client.channels.cache.get(response1.first().content) const channel = response1.first().mentions.channels.first() || ID

It works fine now