Avoid Page Redirect For Bots

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When showing the website for the first time, I need the user to confirm he is 18 or more (winery website). My client wants a specific page for that (not a popin nor a popup), so using cookies presence, I redirect to that specific page. You can't access any page if you didn't confirmed.

This is a problem for SEO, because bots (like GoogleBot) can't index correctly the website.

How could I avoid that redirection specifically for the bots? Or how to identify the user as a human or a bot?

I'm working with PHP and I've tried to make a list of known bots and compare it to HTTP_USER_AGENT, to prevent the redirection. But I don't think this is a permanent solution (what about if bots change their names, or if news bots are involved?).

$crawlers = array(
        'Sogou web spider',
        'Yahoo! Slurp',
$implCrawlers = implode('|', $crawlers);
$isBot = (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $implCrawlers ) !== false) ? true : false;
if (!$isBot) {


You can go for this package they update their repo as crawlers changes their names.