ASP.NET MVC Beta - Grouping Controllers And Views Possible?

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I am on the way to build an ASP.NET MVC application with the latest beta release and I wonder if it is possible to change the default project Layout of

/Views/Home/Index.aspx /Views/Home/About.aspx


/Blog/Views/Home/Index.aspx /Blog/Views/Home/About.aspx

/Forum/Views/Home/Index.aspx /Forum/Views/Home/About.aspx

The goal is to get some separation between "applications" within one single Web project, something like Thomas Owens asked already here: Under an MVC framework, which directory structure would be expected by other developers?

Of course this should include the Controllers as well, not only the Views.



This is not a new concept. It is called "areas" in Monorail. There has been a lot of buzz about this topic lately on the ATL.NET forum and elsewhere. Steve Sanderson has come up with a way to do this but apparently it leaves some issues. In reseponse, apparently the MVC team is going to take a "deep look" at it for a future release.