ASP.Net: Ignore Windows Auth

I have an application where I need to use 'Basic Authentication'; however, in order for you to debug the application in Visual Studio, IIS requires the directory to also have 'Windows Authentication' enabled.

The problem is my user handler tries to send out a request for basic authentication to compare them to a database... but the basic authentication request is pushed down in priority by the NTLM request IIS inserts into the header due to the above 'Windows Authentication', and so that'll get sent to the server by the user instead.

Has anyone ran into this situation before? Is there a way to debug in Visual Studio without having windows authentication on (or at least keep it from requesting the security for requests)?


Edit: Forgot to mention, outside of the development environment, 'windows authentication' would not be on



Check it...

I always used to debug my web apps by just attaching to the process.