Are There Better Clients For Viewing System Monitor Logs?

Does anyone know of a better GUI client for displaying Windows System Monitor log files? (System Monitor is sometimes called Performance Monitor.) I'm trying to track a long-term memory leak in a C# application running on Windows XP or 2K3 by comparing memory usages to run logs.

Specifically I want a client that will allow me to see the following (because System Monitor is unable or difficult):

  • Specify exact date time ranges for viewing data (or at least finer granularity than hours)
  • Show time intervals along the horizontal axis
  • Show max, min, average for the time range
  • Somewhere show the interval on which source data was captured (1 sec, 5 min, etc.)

(If no such thing exists I'm willing to hear recommendations for better long term performance/memory capturing tools.)

Edit: I've done Google searches and haven't found anything except tutorials on how to create System Monitor logs.



See this question.

The PAL tool does a nice job of creating an HTML report with charts and graphs. By creating your own Threshold file you can control what goes into the report.